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21 Mar 2019

Non-Obvious Trends Shaping the Future

Technology is an obvious driver of change, but Rohit Bhargava takes it step further when outlining his ‘non-obvious’ trends underlying the change process. For the last decade, Rohit has tagged and categorized articles thematically in search of trends, or “unique curated observation of the accelerating present.” He equates his curation to the proverbial needle in the haystack where he gathers ‘hay’ (ideas and stories) to locate/define a ‘needle’ (trend).

Rohit’s barriers to non-obvious thinking are unquestioned assumptions, constant disruption and believability crisis. Once the barriers are acknowledged, his list of non-obvious trends consist of Retro Trust, Muddled Masculinity, Innovation Envy, Artificial Influence, Enterprise Empathy, Robot Renaissance, Back-Storytelling, and Tech’s Ripple Effects


[Singularity Hub source article]