[meta] Mitch Schultz

Computational Creative, Emergent Experiences, Systems Storytelling

22 Mar 2019

SETI: Mixed Tapes for Aliens

Since the beginning of human history, our ancestors have looked up at the vast space pondering our existence and the potential of ‘others’ living in the cosmos. If/when we discover we are not alone in the universe, how would we communicate and express ourselves?


SETI’s new Earthling Project combines music, space and technology to create ‘collective compositions’ that symbolize our species and inform future generations. A global art project connecting humans through the universal language of music unfolds through several phases. The project launches by crowd-sourcing vocals from all corners of our planet that comprise the Earthling Audio Database, an open source archive for artists to create music that represents humanity. Felipe Pérez Santiago (composer & musician) and Jill Tarter (astronomer) lead the project through SETI’s Artist-In-Residence Program with a goal to bridge ethnicity, race, culture and geography.